SimaPro is a powerful solution for those looking to drive sustainable change. Built on robust science and life cycle thinking, the sustainability software is ideal for product designers, decision-makers and sustainability experts. Its fact-based LCA approach provides the insights you need to make better decisions, empower better choices and reduce the environmental footprints of products and services.

SimaPro has a dedicated section whereby users may articulate the objectives and boundaries of certain projects. Within that particular geographical region, there are two distinct divisions:

  1. The text fields provide a platform for describing the many components necessary for defining the purpose and scope. The texts that are inputted in this space can afterwards be replicated and included into your report.

  2. A dedicated area for libraries. In this context, it is possible to establish in advance the selection of standard data libraries that are deemed suitable for the intended project execution. If the aim of your life cycle assessment (LCA) is to have applicability in the European context, it is possible to deactivate the USA-IO database, which is included in certain editions of SimaPro. Disabling the library will result in the data being concealed during the project's execution. This practice mitigates the inadvertent insertion of undesired data.




Scale of implementation

More than 10.000 users have relied on SimaPro for fact-based  sustainability in the past 30 years. Its global customer base covers leading businesses, organizations and academic institutes in more than 80 countries.



The SimaPro is a desktop software. It consists of plenty of tools available via the online platform. the online platform


Phase of solution

It is the solution to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance data of products and services. The software can be used for various applications: sustainability reporting, carbon and water footprinting, product design, generating environmental product declarations and determining key performance indicators.


Target audience

SimaPro has been among the leading LCA software solutions for over 30 years – used by industry,  companies, consultancies and universities and academic leaders.

Key features-functionality

An LCA study has four primary phases:

  1. The first step entails establishing the objective and extent of the research.

  2. The second step involves constructing a comprehensive model of the product life cycle, incorporating all relevant environmental inputs and outputs. The process of gathering this information is commonly known as life cycle inventory (LCI).

  3. Step 3 involves comprehending the environmental significance of both the inputs and results. The term "life cycle impact" is commonly used to describe this phenomenon.Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) is a method used to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a product or process across its entire.

  4. Step 4 involves the process of interpreting the findings of the investigation.

With SimaPro, users  can:

  1. Easily model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way.

  2. Measure the environmental impact of products and services across all life cycle stages.

  3. Identify the hotspots in every link of any supply chain, from extraction of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal.

The SimaPro suite of tools includes the classic desktop software and the cloud-based modules SimaPro Collect, SimaPro Share, and SimaPro Explore available via the online platform. We offer a variety of licenses with no hidden costs to fit a wide range of business and educational needs.

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