Eigerøy is selected as the demo site for the ROBINSON project due to its high RES potential and the urgent need of implementing green energy generation technologies, SEMS and circular economy incentive into the current energy system. The majority of the system's parts will be installed at the Prima Protein production plant which currently consumes the most fossil fuels in Eigerøy. The installation of the gasification unit, the CHP unit (mixed fuel), the electrolyser, and the AD-BES are all possible as shown in Figure 1. Additionally, wood will be stored in the harbour, around 100 metres from the wood gasification facility, reducing transportation distances and guaranteeing short-distance gas connections. The electrolyser and potential hydrogen storage can be constructed next to the gasification unit. The CHP unit may be installed in the steam boiler hall since it is small enough to fit in a typical ship container.

Electric connections to the grid are provided by the community's power grid operator, Dalane Energi. A special wind turbine will also be put in place close to the harbour. The unique wind turbine's proposed location is shown in Figure 2. On appropriate rooftops of commercial and residential structures, with an estimated area of 28,000 m2, PV systems may potentially be installed.

Figure 1 Production site of Prima Protein nowadays, demonstrating available space for novel system components. 

Figure 2 Proposed location of the novel wind turbine on Eigerøy, indicated with the red colored circle.

The AD-BES reactor at Eigeroy will use the Prima Protein organic matter content in liquid waste to make Biogas. Prima Protein employs steam (180°C) in the manufacturing process, and the Robinson system incorporates thermal waste recovery for the manufacture of heating fluids, resulting in productivity benefits.

Table 1 shows the costs for the different feedstock and energy carriers, for Eigerøy.

Table 1 Feedstock and energy carrier prices in Eigerøy

Cost parameter



Waste Wood

0 – 10


White Wood



Lower heating value



LNG Cost (2020)



CO2 tax (2020)



Electricity Nordpool (av. 2020)




Description of the suggested solution


ROBINSON will be demonstrated on the Eigerøy island. The pilot plant will be installed at the premises of the ROBINSON partner Prima Protein (PRIMA), which is the island’s main consumer of fossil fuel (in 2019 consumption equivalent to 30GWh: ~80% of fossil fuel consumption in Eigerøy). On Eigerøy, the pilot system, managed by the validated Energy Management System (EMS), will reach TRL 7.

ROBINSON will integrate different components of the energy production, storage and distribution, in combination with the existing grid connection on Eigerøy controlled via an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) architecture. The main components depend on each island’s characteristics, but in order to optimise the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Eigerøy.