RES LEGAL Europe is a professionally edited and free of charge online database on support schemes, grid issues and policies regarding renewable energy sources in the EU 28 Member States, the EFTA Countries and some EU Accession Countries. The database covers all three energy sectors: electricity, heating & cooling and transport.

RES LEGAL Europe aims both to provide a quick overview of the different national regulations regarding renewable energy sources in a clear, concise and convenient way. The database is updated on a regular basis. The creation date, the last update of the information and the name of the responsible author are displayed in each profile.

The descriptions are based on the relevant legal sources. Links to the original legal sources in their original language will help you during your research. If available, you can also use a link to a translation of the law. In addition, this website provides you with a list of contacts in national bodies and experts that will answer any further questions.






Scale of implementation

The platform covers multiple countries across Europe, providing information on national and regional regulations for renewable energy projects.



RES LEGAL Europe is a web-based platform providing information and resources on regulations and policies related to renewable energy generation.


Phase of solution

RES LEGAL Europe serves as a comprehensive resource for all phases of renewable energy projects, from planning and development to operation and compliance. It provides information on legal frameworks, support mechanisms, and administrative procedures.


Target audience

The target audience of RES LEGAL Europe includes various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, such as project developers, investors, policymakers, researchers, and legal professionals. It is designed to support anyone seeking information on renewable energy regulations and policies in European countries.

Key features-functionality


Key features and functionality of RES LEGAL Europe include:

  1. Country Profiles: Detailed profiles for each European country, providing comprehensive information on national renewable energy regulations, support schemes, and administrative procedures.
  2. Policy Database: A searchable database of renewable energy policies and support mechanisms at national, regional, and local levels, allowing users to compare and analyze different regulatory frameworks.
  3. Legislation and Documents: Access to relevant laws, regulations, directives, and other legal documents related to renewable energy in each country.
  4. News and Updates: Regularly updated news section with the latest information on policy changes, new regulations, and important developments in the renewable energy sector.
  5. Interactive Tools: Interactive tools to assist users in assessing the financial viability and regulatory compliance of renewable energy projects.
  6. Renewable Energy Statistics: Access to renewable energy statistics, including installed capacity, generation, and renewable energy shares, for each European country.

References & Sources for Further Reading