Steam Boiler

Weishaupt WKG80/3-A ZM-NR


ROBINSON's system includes a steam boiler; however, it will gradually be phased out and replaced with heat derived from renewable energy sources to reduce environmental impact. 

The steam boiler is the Weishaupt WKG80/3-A ZM-NR.

Technical Description

The steam boiler - Weishaupt WKG80/3-A ZM-NR- (Figure 1) is unique due to its multiflam® technology, which results in very low NOx emissions. Therefore, the selected gas boiler technology is ideally suited to countries with strict environmental regulations. With an operational thermal power range of 2.2 MW to 22 MW and a natural gas pressure range of 100 to 4000 mbar, this boiler is equipped with a Weishaupt burner (Type: WKG80/3-A, ZM-NR).  An inverter-driven blower is fitted to the air intake duct for the burner and can successfully deliver 26,000 m3/h of airflow while absorbing 110 kW of power and delivering a differential pressure of 95.5 mbar.

WK-burner from Weishaupt (Weishaupt, 2022)


ZM(H)-NR Weishaupt burners (Weishaupt, 2022)















Technical specifications of the steam boiler

Technology Flowchart

Weishaupt WK-series burners include electronic compound control and digital combustion management as standard. Modern combustion methods need accurate and repeatable dosing of fuel and combustion air.

Weishaupt WK-series burners scheme (Weishaupt, 2022)

Technology requirements and operating conditions

The air input temperature to the blower must be kept below 40°C. If the air inlet temperature exceeds this limit, a replacement one suitable for greater air inlet temperatures must be installed. The temperature of the input air to the burner is significantly lower. The provider suggests replacing the burner with one rated for air inlet temperatures of up to 200°C. The desired steam temperature is 180°C, and the water availability limit of Prima Protein is 30 ton/hour. The operational parameters of the system are demonstrated below.

Permissible ambient conditions for normal operation of Weishaupt WK-series burners




Ambient temperature during operation:

15 to +40°C


max. 80 % relative humidity, no condensation

Standard burner protection:

IP 54

Standards conformity: EN 267 and EN 676, Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC), Gas Appliance Directive (2009/142/EC), Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive, 2006/95/EC. The burners are marked with a CE mark, CE Product ID No. and Type-test No.