ENSPRESO is a comprehensive dataset that covers all 28 member countries of the European Union. It provides data on renewable energy potentials at both national (NUTS0) and regional (NUTS2) levels for the period between 2010 and 2050. The ENSPRESO platform offers technological potentials for wind, solar, and biomass energy sources, which are derived from comprehensive GIS-based land-restriction scenarios. When evaluating wind as a resource, it is important to include setback distances in addition to high-resolution geo-spatial wind speed data. The potential for solar energy is determined by analyzing irradiation data and assessing the accessible area for solar applications. The industries that are taken into consideration for biomass include agriculture, forestry, and garbage. The incorporation of ENSPRESO has the potential to significantly influence the outcomes of energy models, as it enhances the analytical assessment of both the competitive dynamics and the synergistic interactions among various energy technologies.

Both wind and solar energy sources have a temporal resolution that encompasses both yearly and year fractions, as indicated by the usage of timeslices by JRC-EU-TIMES. The ENSPRESO dataset serves as a valuable addition to the EMHIRES collection, which offers power time series generated from meteorological data with a focus on high temporal and geographic resolution.






Scale of implementation

ENSPRESO provides data and resources for assessing renewable power generation areas  all over european countries and regions. It caters to both individual users and organizations, including policymakers, researchers, businesses, and investors.


ENSPRESO is categorized as a comprehensive dataset or data collection specifically designed for use in energy modeling and renewable energy potential analysis.


Phase of solution

ENSPRESO supports users in evaluating the renewable energy potential of specific locations, identifying suitable technologies, and facilitating informed decision-making during the early stages of project development.


Target audience

ENSPRESO targets policymakers, government agencies, researchers, project developers, investors, and businesses engaged in renewable  energy. It serves as a valuable resource, offering them data, tools, and resources for assessing wind energy potential, formulating policies, planning projects, and making informed investment decisions.

Key features-functionality

ENSPRESO offers a range of key features and functionalities that support the assessment and exploration of renewable energy potential worldwide. Some of the key features and functionalities include:

  1. Coherent GIS-Based Land Restrictions: ENSPRESO incorporates geographic information system (GIS) data to account for land-restriction scenarios, ensuring that renewable energy potentials are calculated accurately while considering various geographical factors.

  2. Wind Resource Evaluation: For wind energy, the dataset takes into account setback distances and high-resolution geo-spatial wind speed data, enhancing the precision of wind resource assessments.

  3. Solar Energy Potential: Solar potentials are derived from irradiation data and the available area for solar applications, aiding in the assessment of solar energy generation possibilities.

  4. Biomass Assessment: ENSPRESO considers multiple sectors, including agriculture, forestry, and waste, to estimate biomass potentials, which are crucial for bioenergy assessments.

  5. Temporal Resolution: The dataset offers both annual and year fraction (timeslices) temporal resolutions, making it suitable for a wide range of energy modeling scenarios and time-based analyses.

  6. Complementarity Analysis: ENSPRESO contributes to energy modeling by improving analyses related to the competition and complementarity of various energy technologies, helping researchers and analysts understand how renewable energy sources can work together.