Test and prepare to implement

Test and prepare to implement

A thorough evaluation of the adopted solution for implementation

Following the latter, this step implies ‘a thorough evaluation of the adopted solution for implementation’, for addressing possible issues may concern all involved stakeholders. The adopted solution must be evaluated in terms of legislation, sustainability, energy needs, economic impact and in the framework of a strategic plan or roadmap -if any-, so that replication of ROBINSON concept is going to be aligned with directives and practices in the long-run.  

Review of Results and Recommendations

A ‘Review of Results and Recommendations’ is critical to be carried out by each stakeholder, key-actor, policy maker and local authority (managerial and/or legislative) separately, to ensure its interests. Concerning the commitment of each key-actor to the project, a round-table review and recommendations shall be realised to ensure mutual interests of each stakeholder towards the efficient replication of ROBINSON concept.

Intervention’s follow up and correction mechanisms

However, the complexity and differentiation of replicating the ROBINSON project, requests the intervention’s follow up and correction mechanisms’ must be constantly available to all key-actors, since each detail during the replicating steps may cause inconveniences and unforeseen impacts. The adoption of possibly amendments might be feasible and efficient, thus providing the tools for correcting potential upcoming issues.


This step refers to ‘test and prepare to implement’ the ROBINSON project for a certain case-study. Since this is the final step of the replication tool, every potential issue must be resolved via thorough evaluation, detailed review of the results and ensuring the effectiveness of the correction mechanisms. The commitment of the stakeholders to act both independently and jointly with the other key-actors must be clarified end ensured as a result of the previous steps. By doing so, assessing and following-up of any upcoming interventions will be feasible towards achieving higher efficiency and more benefits for every involved party.