Identify needs/ potential

This step implies the identification of needs that will define the following actions to be taken concerning a replication of the ROBINSON concept.

Determination of the local energy needs and conditions

Firstly, the ‘Determination of the local energy needs and conditions’ is based on recorded interannual and/or seasonal data of previous years referring to the local environmental conditions and the needs of the possible stakeholders. The needs may be discerned in electricity and/or thermal ones, thus defining the solutions to be examined for combined or stand-alone units. Moreover, any strategic planning including certain activities or roadmaps that shall be adopted from the stakeholders -e.g., for their energy policy or environmental impact- may be taken into account.  

Estimation of RES potential and possibilities for sustainable siting

Following is the ‘Estimation of RES potential and possibilities for sustainable siting’. RES shall be examined not only concerning their potential in the surrounding area but also after the investigation of possible transportation procedures and storing costs with possible accompanying premises and/or hardware. In terms of sustainable siting, the vicinity of available areas for the implementation of PVs, wind turbines or any other RES, is crucial since not only the RES will be more effective, but also the Ο&Μ (Operation and Maintenance) and Security/Surveillance costs will be more affordable for the installed hardware.

Challenges to be addressed with the development of the Replication Plan

In this step are also included the ‘Challenges to be addressed with the development of the Replication Plan. Such a project like the replication of the ROBINSON concept may rise differences concerning locality, since there is not yet common legislation between EU countries. Governing laws and requirements of the host area must be fulfilled, and these prerequisites may differ from country to country, either for the installation of RES per-se, or for the integration and connection of RES with the local grid.     

Result: Energy Island's long-term vision

The results of this step facilitate the formation of the specific context where the ROBINSON concept is going to be replicated. This context shall clarify the needs that the possible stakeholders aim to address, while examining the RES potential of the local environment. Integration of RES shall be in good agreement with sustainable practices, the latter in the context of the local legislation and how such projects of installing RES are implemented and operate in the respective area.